50 random points

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·Open the dialog to create a dataset with a function.  
2D-Data - > right mouse button - > Add Series- > From function
·top right you can select different examples.  
·Select the example "50 random points".  
·The X-values consist of 50 values between 0 and 10 with a distance of 0.20408.  
·The X-values are selected in a way that the points lie along the straight line y=4+X/2.  
·In order to have for later evaluations random values, still to each y-value a random value between 0 and 1 is added. Random(1)  
·You can also describe, how the data points should be represented, (point and line type)  
·The dataset gets the name "50 random points"  
·Press now "Create"