Evaluate mathematical expressions

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All inputs are processed by a parser, which makes it possible to enter also instead of numbers a mathematical expression. That is practical for example during angle inputs. Instead of 3.141 you can write pi. Try also more complicated inputs: Sin(pi)+5^2+pow(2,7) max(10,20)
If an expression can not be evaluated, last meaningful value is used.
In addition the Parser is suitable for the evaluation of functions, which during the numeric integration, to which drawing 2 and 3-dimensional functions and functions in polarcoordinates application find.

Predefined functions with 1 parameter
SQR(X):    Square function X^2

SQRT(X):    Square route
SIN(X):    Sinus function. X is a real-type expression. Sin returns the sine of the angle X in radians
COS(X):    Cosinus function. X is a real-type expression. COS returns the cosine of the angle X in radians.
ATAN(X):    ArcTangent
SINH(X):    Sinus Hyperbolic
COSH(X):    Cosinus Hyperbolic
LN(X):    natural log
LOG(X):    10 based log
SIGN(X):    returns -1 if X<0; +1 if X>0, 0 if X=0
TRUNC(X):    Discards the fractional part of a number. e.g. TRUNC(-3.2) is -3, TRUNC(3.2) is 3.
CEIL(X):    CEIL(-3.2) = -3, CEIL(3.2) = 4
FLOOR(X):    FLOOR(-3.2) = -4, FLOOR(3.2) = 3
RND(X):    Random number generator a random INTEGER number such that 0 <= Result < int(X).
RANDOM(X): Random number generator. generates a random floating point number such that 0 <= Result < X
Predefined functions that take two parameters
POW(X,Y): The Power function raises Base to any power. For fractional exponents or exponents greater than MaxInt, Base must be greater than 0. Example: POW(4,0.5) = 2
INTPOW(X,Y): The INTPOW function raises Base to an integral power. INTPOW(2, 3) = 8. Note that result of INTPOW(2, 3.4) = 8 as well.
LOGN(N,X):    The LogN function returns the log base N of X. Example: LOGN(10, 100) = 2
MIN(X,Y):    MIN(2, 3) = 2.
MAX(X,Y):    MAX(2, 3) = 3.

Predefined functions that take more than 2 parameters are:
IF(BOOL, X, Y) returns X if BOOL is <> 0, returns Y if BOOL =0.
Values of X and Y are calculated regardless of BOOL (Full Boolean Evaluation).

SIN(3.14)+5^2+POW(2,7)-MAX(10,20) = 133,001592652916

Hint about clipboard
For the clipboard use the popup at the right mouse button. STRG+V and STRG+C is used by the textfield.