Load and Save

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It is possible to save / load a dataset into/from a textfile or Excel-file

If you create a textfile each datapoint comes in another line. The different coordinates are seperated by a space.
-1 -3.2311E-15 0
-0.76604 -0.64279 0
-0.17365 -0.98481 0
0.5 -0.86603 0
0.93969 -0.34202 0
0.93969 0.34202 0

The information about the lines is not saved.
While loading a textfile a line between the Points and their next point will be created.

If you select the fileextension ".xls", the dataset will be saved into a Excelfile.
You will find there 3 different sheets:
2.Lines: There are pairs of numbers, that explain which datapoints should be connected.  
3.In the 3 Sheet there are some additional informations (e.g. color, name,...)  

All Datasets can be exported into a single Excel-file be selecting "File->Export Excelfile".
With "File->Export Excelfile" the file can be reimported.

Hint: Excel doesn't allow more than 65535 Points