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Version 2.1.6
bugfix: Coord3D: cartesian x=0, y<0 -->phi=-90°
bugfix in 2D Data

Version 2.1.5
angle of intersection in grad and gon

Version 2.1.2
ZXY Plot: Datatable with the values
bugfix: Plotinterval
2D Data: 1D-Data are again accessable
Configpanels can be hided.

Version 2.1.1
Editor: Save Background, Popupmenu

Version 2.1.0
1D Data: BoxPlot

Version 2.0.8
bugfix: input of quaternions
infos of fitplots were not accessable

Version 2.0.7
hints in editor icons
Some bugfixes in editor and plot

Version 2.0.6
bugfix: Windows 95, at complex came errors

Version 2.0.5
Polygonsum: Sum of the distances of points

Version 2.0.4
bugfix: Excelfiles were empty

Version 2.0.3

Generation of dataset by vectorsum of another dataset.

Version 2.0.2
bugfix: conversion to polorcoordinates had wrong Angle

Version 2.0.1
Lines at process data

Version 2.0
2D/3D Datas: Import and Export Excel fileformat
Now it is possible to define, what kind of datas
(carthesian, polar, spherical, cylindrical) are represented.
The datas can easily transformed into other coordinates.
Now you can select different colors for lines and points.
The menu to create Parametric Plots is improved.
New functions: Delete all datasets
Sum of Vectors (also polar coordinates)
Wizard to create new datasets, add values and edit the properties.
Shortcuts to create,open dataset,
Complex: Memory function
Editor: The Editor is removed from the modules Circle, Reg Polygon, 2D Data, 3D Data
But it is still possible to copy pictures and results into the Maineditor.

Version 1.9.9
bugfix LU decompositum

Version 1.9.8
some bugfixes in the editor

Version 1.9.7
Bugfix: at higher dpi some buttons were not visible.

Version 1.9.3
Buffix: tablehandling

Version 1.9
Improvements of the plot functionality
2D Datas: Carthesian and polar coordinates
   Import of value tables
   Output of multiparametric functions (examples)
   Data processing:

   Fis:    linear fit,
polynom fit,
      logarithmic fit
   Fast Fourier Transformation
3D Datas: Points in space
   Import of value tables
   Output of multiparametric functions (examples)
   display of three dimensional surfaces

Version 1.8.5
2 Circles: Intersection, Animation
Bugfix: Segment

Version 1.8.4
Bugfix: Matrixmultiplication

Version 1.8.3
Some Bugfixes.
More output at about point line plane
',' is now accepted as a comma.

Version 1.8
Circle: Sector, Segment, Intersection of 2 circles
Change the properties with the mouse or by value.
some bugfixes

Version 0.1.7
regular Polygon
Editor: saving Plotimages

Version 0.1.6
Function calculator
value table
windows calculator
resizing images with mouse
Plot2D, Polar Plot:
config line size and style
some fixes

Version 0.1.5
numerical integration
tanh, coth, arcsin, arccos, arsinh, arcosh predefined for plotting.

Version 0.1.4

more than 3 dimensions
more objects for intersection
functional parser
plotting 2D, 3D, Polar
integrated Editor
arithmetic trainer
context sensitiv help