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For a line there are different ways to define, that can be converted to each other:
Parameter form: clip0139;   clip0185
Pointform: The line is defined with the 2 points clip0140und .clip0186
Coordinates form in 2 dimensions: a x +b y=c

Conversion point form in parameter form
Conversion parameter form in pointform
;   clip0142
Conversion parameter form in coordinates form (2D)
clip0144 ----> -b2 x +b1 y = (a2 b1 – a1 b2)
Conversion coordinates form in parameter form (2D)
If a 0clip0145
;   clip0146
clip0147else if b 0clip0145
;   clip0148

parallel: Both vectors anclip0187d aclip0188re linear undependend. There is no
0 with .clip0189