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For a plane there are different ways to define, that can be converted to each other:
Parameter form: clip0111   clip0190
Pointform: Plane is defined with the 3 points ,clip0112 .clip0113 and .clip0114
Coordinates form: a x +b y + c z=d
Normal form:    clip0115with ;clip0116 d³0
   d is the distance to the zeropoint.
    clip0117has the direction to the zeropoint.  

Conversion point form in parameter form
Conversion parameter form in point form
;clip0119   ;clip0120   clip0121

Conversion parameter form in coordinates form
Multiplication with .clip0122
=clip0123 clip0124
n1 x + n2 y + n3 z = n1 a1 + n2 a2 + n3 a3  

Conversion coordinates form in parameter form
If a clip01310
;clip0125   ;clip0126    clip0127
else if b clip01310
;clip0128   ;clip0129    clip0130
else if c clip01310
;clip0132   ;clip0133    clip0134
;clip0135   ;clip0136    clip0137