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With the editor there is not only the standard functionality (saving, printing, printpreview, font, table, paragraph), but also the ability of integation and easy functions.

Plot Function

Plot functions f(x)

Polar Plot

Example for polar diagram

Best fit

Statistics: best fit, fast fourier transformation, histogram, smooth,....


Plot a function with 2 variables in a 3D-View and rotate. The rotation can be achieved by mouse interaction. It can be viewed from any direction, can be zoomed and panned.Optionally, axes and/or a bounding box may be displayed.

Plot f(x,y)

3 dimensional Gridnet


For vectors basic operations (+-*/), crossproduct, spar product, unit vector and angle between two vectors can be evaluated.

The professional version has more dimensions and a random generator.


For matrices basic operations (+-*/), inverse, determinante, rotation matrix and multiplication with a vector can be evaluated.

The professional version can also split in 2 diagonal matrices, sum the diagonal elements, transpose the matrix, has more dimensions and a random generator.

2 Points

For objects like point, line, plane and sphere distances, intersections, volume, area of squeres, area of a triangle can be calculated. In this example the distance of 2 Points is calculated.

Line - Circle

In this example the intersection between a circle and a line is calculated.

Plane - Line

The combination of a line and a plane implies, that the line is in the plane, or intersects in a point, or they don’t intersect. This example shows the intersection of line and a plane.


Cartesian coordinates, spherical coordinates und cylindrical coordinates can be transformed into each other.

Complex numbers

Calculating with complex numbers. Elementar and trigonometric functions.


Calculating with quaternions. Elementar and trigonometric functions.

Regular Polygon

Paint regular polygons with inner circle, outer circle, radius, diagonals. Parameters like area, perimeter and the angles in center and corner are calculated. Because the number of sides is variable, this is good for explaining the area and perimeter of a circle.


Circle: Sector, Segment, Intersection of 2 circles.


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